About Me


Hi, I’m Lauren!

Here’s a little bit about me and where the idea for 52 Things of Beauty originated.  I love art, my football-coaching husband Casey (Go Blazers!),  our sweet babies Sawyer and Waverly, double-stuffed Oreos, naps, and Jesus.  I began painting at a very young age with my Mammaw. She taught me to love and create all kinds of art, but paintings were always my favorite. Although she is one of the best artists that I know, she never sold her artwork. It brought her joy just to see someone to love her creations, so she gave them away as her own personal ministry.

At home with 2 little babies in a new city, I realized that I too wanted an outlet — a way to give back and make a difference. If I’m being really honest, I needed a way to stop spending so much time wandering around Target and start doing something productive. Inspired by my Mammaw, I decided to start painting again. I enjoyed it because it gave me time to relax and talk to God. After posting a few pictures of my paintings, several friends contacted me to ask how they could purchase one. Instead of just selling them, however, I decided to make painting my personal ministry: 52 Things of Beauty. So, 52 things of Beauty is a project where I will paint one painting a week for a year that I will give away (for free or at my supply cost) and ask in return, the recipients to pay it forward by giving in a way that is special to them. All the paintings I do sell, will go towards funding the project.

Through 52 Things of Beauty, I wish to use my art as a means to inspire others towards charitable giving and volunteer work. I hope that you will hear stories through my paintings, and be encouraged to make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you for joining me in the journey!