What is the 52 Things of Beauty Project?

fullsizeoutput_350Welcome to 52 Things of Beauty!

What makes something beautiful? Color? Symmetry? Lines, shape, or perspective? I would argue that it is something more. I would argue that beauty is defined by love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and perseverance. This is the beauty I want to see around me. This is the beauty I hope to create.

With that interpretation of beauty in mind, I had an idea. What if, every week for a year I gave one painting away. For those 52 paintings, rather than asking others to pay me for my artwork, I asked that they pay it forward? The labor would be my gift; in return, the recipient of the painting would do something to help others. The paintings I did sell could help me fund the project, and I could use my blog as a space to talk about each recipient’s cause and show others how they too could make a difference.

My dream is that at the end of the year, families will be able to sit down at the kitchen table and explore 52 creative ways to give. Then they will hopefully be inspired to pick one for themselves! Follow my blog to see paintings develop their own stories inspired by the giving of others — transforming the Art into 52 Things of Beauty.